The Scrunchie Sisters: A Tale of Entrepreneurship, Sewing, and Strong Hold

Its me, Tami – the Crafty Mompreneur,  who also happens to be the business mentor and mom of The Scrunchie Sisters, a venture that unfolded with a delightful discovery in my youngest daughter’s bedroom back in April 2019.

Picture this: my crafty heart leapt with joy as I found her hand-sewing a hair scrunchie. To my surprise, scrunchies were making a comeback! I honestly had no idea. Capitalizing on this trend and armed with a fabric stash, I suggested moving from hand-sewn to sewing machine-made scrunchies.

My youngest was hesitant to try the sewing machine at first but my oldest jumped right in to give it a go.  She quickly discovered sewing wasn’t her thing, but my youngest daughter picked up on it rather quickly.  Before I knew it, we had a handful of scrunchies ready to show off to the world! I then took our excitement for this new adventure  to Facebook with this post.  And with that, we entered our Scrunchies Sisters Era

Scrunchie Sisters Entrepreneurial Era

After receiving a lot of great feedback from that post, it was time to take the next step! Start making and selling scrunchies!

My youngest who was just 12 at the time, took charge of sewing, while my oldest opted to  handle turning scrunchies, packaging and shipping. My hubby has even gotten involved in turning a few scrunchies when needed! It has definitely been a family affair. 

I had some experience with Etsy from my days of making and selling crafts so we were able to get a shop set up pretty quickly. With a few posts on social media, we had made $100 within the first week of the shop being open. Seeing a little bit of early success was enough to keep them excited about this entrepreneurial journey!

Wanting to increase our sales, I turned to another outlet for selling crafts that I had experience with, local vendor events.  The picture above is the very first vendor event the Scrunchie Sisters and I set up a table for. We’ve been participating in markets ever since.  It’s been awesome to see them learn and grow more confident in making conversation with customers, managing transactions, and handling booth setup/take down.

This truly has been  an awesome  way for us to strengthen our mother daughter bond and for them to earn some spending money.

What Sets Scrunchie Sisters apart?

What sets our scrunchies apart from all the other scrunchies out there, you ask? It’s our meticulous crafting process. We don’t use regular elastic that you might find in other scrunchies.  

My youngest daughter sews the fabric directly around a ponytail holder, ensuring not just a stylish appearance but a secure and durable hold. The scrunchies are then turned inside out and hand stitched closed by yours truly.  

A pivotal revelation came in our material choices when we tried to use some generic hair tie alternatives early on in our journey. We have since opted to only use Goody brand 4mm ponytail holders in our scrunchies.  We have found they provide superior durability and eliminate the risk of scrunchies breaking – a testament to our commitment to quality. Although we do still test the hair ties before and after sewing them to ensure they don’t break!

So, whether you’re looking for a gift for a fellow scrunchie lover or want to add some awesome  Scrunchie Sisters no slip scrunchies to your own collection, we’re excited to share this entrepreneurial adventure with you. 

Scrunchie Sisters promise a firm grip and a dash of creativity, where family bonds, craftsmanship, and a love for scrunchies come together to redefine this timeless accessory. I invite you to check them out in our shop or at one of our local markets. Thank you to each one of you who has supported us in this journey so far. We appreciate you.

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