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My Path to Becoming a Crafty Mompreneur

Every Crafty Mompreneur has a unique and inspiring journey that led them to where they are today. I, too, have walked this path, and I want to share my story and show that becoming a mompreneur is a journey full of possibilities and learning experiences.

What Sparked My imagination to become a mompreneur

While my love of creating and all things crafty runs deep , when I was younger I never envisioned myself becoming a mompreneur. All that changed shortly after my first daughter was born and I stumbled upon an opportunity to teach Baby Sign language to my then 8 month old daughter.  When I found out the classes were not being offered in the town our family was moving to, I decided to embark on my mompreneur journey.  

I became a Baby Signs Instructor.  During the course of a couple years, I would offer 6 week Sign, Say and Play classes at our local recreation building as well as Parent Workshops at the hospital. It was awesome because it was so aligned to where I was in motherhood. Until it wasn’t. 

Difficult Decisions along my Mompreneur journey

As my daughters got older, they quickly aged out of baby sign language and teaching classes no longer made sense for me in more ways than one. So I moved onto my next adventure.

I’d like to say that the next few years were smooth sailing on my mompreneur journey.   But it wasn’t. Over the next few years I would find myself torn between my absolute love of crafting/sewing/selling my makes both on Etsy /in person and building a network marketing business focused on health/wellness.  

And while I ultimately decided to give my network marketing business more attention for reasons I’ll cover in another post, I always found ways to use my creativity in that business.  Creating graphics and presentations led me to discover Canva which has become my best friend as a mompreneur.  

sharing lessons Learned

Of course, the journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Balancing the demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship is no easy task. I faced doubts and questions from myself (and others) about whether I could truly succeed in both roles. But these challenges only fueled my determination to prove that being a mompreneur is not just a dream but a reality. Because of the income I earned being a mompreneur, I was able to continue to be a stay at home mom and not go back to a corporate 9-5 job.

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Through the ups and downs of my journey over the last 18 years, I’ve learned valuable lessons about time management, setting priorities, and building a brand. I’ve discovered the importance of networking with fellow Mompreneurs, seeking mentorship, and continuously expanding my knowledge through personal and professional growth. 

And while there is no playbook on any of this, I’m excited to share the lessons Ive learned along the way through this blog!

Coming Full Circle

As time went on things started shifting both personally and professionally. My daughters were growing up and needed me less.  Like most moms, we want to spend as much time as we can with our kids.  But if you’re a mom of teenagers, you know they don’t necessarily want to spend that much time with us. Being a crafty mompreneur, I found a way to spend quality time with my teens. 

Enter our  Scrunchie Sisters era! I’ll share the full story of how this started in another post, but in 2019 my daughters and I started making and selling hair scrunchies! It may not be a million dollar business, but the time I get to spend with them doing weekly markets is priceless!  

With one daughter already off to college and the other a junior in high school, an empty nest will be here before I know it. My focus is now back on crafting.  I’ve also recently taken up crocheting but I’ll save that story for another post. 

It definitely feels like things have come full circle from then and now.  In the picture below, THEN is when I was at a crossroads of deciding whether to craft or build a network marketing business, and NOW is one of our most recent family pictures where I’ve decided to turn my focus back to crafting.

But what has remained the same is I’m still a mompreneur and I love it! 

crafty mompreneur then now

I’m excited to use this blogging platform as a way to share knowledge I’ve learned, projects I’ve created  and essentially build an awesome community of crafty (or not) mompreneurs!  

If you’d like to stay in touch, I’d love for you to subscribe to my newsletter  Be sure to come back to my blog tomorrow where I’ll be sharing my top tips for working from home.

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