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Make it Monday: DIY A Balloon Garland in 3 easy steps

Creating a stunning balloon garland is a delightful way to add a festive touch to any celebration. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the process of crafting your own balloon garland using simple latex balloons. With just a few supplies and a touch of creativity, you can transform your space into a colorful haven. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather Supplies Needed for your Balloon Garland

Find a nice big area in your home or the location of the event and assemble all the necessary materials. Choose latex balloons in colors that complement your event’s theme. Since I usually make one of these balloon garlands for any party or event we have at our house, I tend to buy way more than I need.  These sets on Amazon have been great. Not only do the have a lot of balloons but they come with the ribbon I use in Step 3.  Having a balloon pump  will make the inflation process much quicker and more convenient.

Step 2: Inflate the Balloons and tie in Pairs

Once you’ve picked your color pallatte and assembled your supplies, its time to start the actual process of making your balloon garland.

Begin by inflating the latex balloons to your desired size.  To do this, we’ll be inflating them in sets of two.  See video below for a full tutorial. Using an automatic pump not only saves time but also ensures uniform inflation for a polished look. Consider a variety of sizes to add dimension to your garland.

Once the balloons are inflated, tie them off in pairs. This step helps in creating a symmetrical and visually appealing garland. Take your time to tie each pair securely to prevent air leakage.

Ballon Garland tie

Step 3: Attach Balloons to String

Cut a length of string based on the desired length of your balloon garland. Make sure to leave extra length on both ends for easy hanging. Consider the location where you’ll display the garland to determine the appropriate size.

Take each pair of tied balloons and twist them around the ribbon. This twisting technique secures the balloons in place and prevents them from sliding. Be sure to secure the balloon closely together to ensure your garland doesn’t have any empty spaces.  Continue attaching pairs of balloons along the length of the string until you achieve the desired fullness. 

PRO TIP: I use the ribbon that comes with the balloon sets and don’t cut the string in advance. I allow it to unroll as I attach the balloons and then cut it after my desired length of garland is finished.

Below is a short video overview of the process. 

Finishing touches to your Balloon Garland

To add visual interest, create balloon clusters by incorporating different colors and sizes. Experiment with placement and spacing to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Step back periodically to assess the overall look and make adjustments as needed. There really is no right or wrong way to do this.  

Once you’ve attached all the balloon pairs and created clusters along the string, it’s time to hang your balloon garland. Use the extra length of string to secure the garland in your chosen location. You can affix it to walls, ceilings, or any other suitable surface using hooks, tape, or other hanging tools You can even use the garland as a balloon arch by securing it to something like this using string or tape to attach it to the arch.  


You’ve successfully crafted a vibrant and eye-catching balloon garland using basic latex balloons. This budget-friendly DIY project is perfect for birthdays, school events, or any special occasion. Experiment with colors, sizes, and arrangements to customize your balloon garland and make it uniquely yours. Enjoy the festive atmosphere you’ve created with this simple yet impactful decoration!

And remember, your first balloon garland may not be perfect and thats ok!  Like anything else in life, the more you do something, the better you get at it! I’ve probably make over 10 of these garlands with each one I get better and faster!     Reach out if you have questions!

One final note: I am NOT a professional balloon garland or arch maker. I’m simply a crafty mom is always looking for ways to save money by doing things myself.  There are definitely events  when it might best to hire a professional balloon artist, I’m not that person!   I’m here to provide you to with all the tips and tricks to do it yourself!

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