4 keys to Crafting a Magical Christmas Party

As the weather here in the desert begins to finally cool off and the festive spirit envelops our hearts, our family joyfully ushers in the holiday season with an annual Christmas Pajama Party that has become a cherished tradition since 2012. This celebration, shared among our small business clients and dear friends, is more than just a Christmas Party; it’s a magical experience designed to create lasting memories.

Each year, we transform our home into a Christmas wonderland, adorned with twinkling lights, garlands, and the unmistakable warmth of holiday cheer. This blog post serves as a nostalgic journey of the enchanting moments we’ve crafted over the years to give you some ideas you can incorporate into your holiday gatherings. Join us in unwrapping the layers of merriment and discover the ingredients that make our Christmas Pajama Party an eagerly anticipated highlight of the season.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

Embracing the spirit of unity and festive flair, our family has joyfully adopted a fun tradition of getting matching family pajamas for our Christmas party. This charming practice not only adds an extra layer of warmth to our gathering but fuels our innate desire to be comfortable at home!. Can you say “homebodies”…we totally are!

From playful patterns to classic holiday designs, the matching jammies create a visual symphony that reflects the togetherness we hold dear during the holiday season. As a sewing enthusiast, I occasionally take on the creative task of crafting our pajama bottoms, infusing them with a personalized touch that makes each pair uniquely ours. However, when time gets away from me we’ll order from Old Navy or Amazon.

The tradition of matching family pajamas has become a heartwarming expression of our shared holiday joy and love seeing other families adopt this same tradition!

Do It Yourself Hot cocoa Bar

Indulging in the warmth of shared moments, our Christmas Party offers a delightful escape to the Hot Cocoa Bar, a hub of comfort and flavor. When I first had an idea to have a Hot Cocoa bar, I had a vision of a beautiful Pinterest perfect set up like this one. But in reality that idea never flourished and I settled on setting up a very simple Hot cocoa station on our kitchen island.  

Over the years, I’ve tried mixing up the types of hot cocoa to offer. One year I bought the cocoa flavors, from classic to peppermint-and s’more’s.  But in reality, no one really cared about that. Lately, it’s been more about keeping it simple so I get a box of Swiss Miss packets from Sams Club. 

We do still offer an enticing array of toppings. Marshmallows, whipped cream, and sometimes a sprinkle of peppermint shavings for guests to personalize their cocoa creations.   I currently keep the hot water in a dispenser for guests to be able to make their own cocoa.   We have an older one from GE but there’s tons available at all price points. My main recommendation would be to find one that doesn’t get hot on the outside.  

The Hot Cocoa Bar becomes a communal space where friends and family gather to warm their spirits, fostering connections and adding a layer of sweet nostalgia to our Christmas celebration. It’s a haven of joy that complements the winter chill and transforms a simple beverage into a cherished tradition.

A Reindeer Food Making Station is always a Favorite at our Christmas Party

One of the highlights of our Christmas pajama party is the enchanting Reindeer Food Making Station, a whimsical activity that captivates both young and old. In this delightful area of our festive gathering, guests become Santa’s little helpers as they concoct a magical reindeer treat bag. 

A six foot table is adorned with bowls of oats, chips, bread crumbs, raisins, cocoa, powdered sugar, raisins and colorful sprinkles where we invite party goers to create their own special blend of reindeer food, a cherished tradition that adds a sprinkle of wonder to the evening.

During our first party in 2012, I found these reindeer food tags and have been using them ever since. If you didn’t want to have to print and cut them out yourself, you could always head over and see all the different options over on Amazon or Etsy.   But being a crafty girl, I thrive on that kind of stuff but this time of year is always busy so a key thing for me is to try and reuse as much stuff as possible each year so this is one thing that gets used year after year. I have an entire tote dedicated to just our Christmas party stuff.  (We get ours at Sams Club or Costco.)

With a bag of Reindeer food in hand, kids will then spread their edible treasures on Christmas Eve to fuel Santa’s reindeer. It’s a heartwarming experience that fosters creativity, encourages interaction, and contributes to the overall sense of festive joy, making our Reindeer Food Making Station a cherished part of our annual celebration. And yes, my girls still spread the reindeer food on Christmas Eve. 

The Heart of the Christmas Party, Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Undoubtedly, the heartbeat of our Christmas Party resides in the arrival of the beloved couple from the North Pole – Santa and Mrs. Claus. Dressed in their iconic red and white, they bring a tangible enchantment to the festivities, casting a spell of joy that transcends generations. The joyous anticipation peaks as children and adults alike queue up, eager to share their holiday wishes and dreams with the beaming Santa. 

While we started this tradition in 2012, 2013 was the first year that Santa AND Mrs Claus starting attending.  (Our first year it was Santa and Reindeer. )

2013 vs 2023

The air is filled with the sound of cheerful conversations and the occasional burst of laughter as Mrs. Claus reads a story to the little kids, Santa tells his story about the famous “ring” and then  guests pose for pictures with the festive duo.

Santa and Mrs. Claus, with their kind smiles and hearty laughter, effortlessly weave the spirit of Christmas into the fabric of our gathering. Their presence transforms our home into a haven where the magic of the season is not just observed but experienced, creating timeless memories that linger in the hearts of all who attend our cherished Christmas pajama party.

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